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Prototypr publisher is an editor created for designers and coders to publish (or republish) articles on an open platform for anyone to read.

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Publisher features

Meet the features of our new editor:

  • Distraction-free
    The focus is on the words
  • Autosave
    Peace of mind
  • Media Library
    Easily upload images for your articles
  • Article Analytics
    See the stats for your posts
  • Code view
    Add custom HTML and CSS

"I finally decided to publish an article from my blog on I must admit that the whole process of writing is so smooth! I had the impression that it is even more convenient than Medium 😀 Great work!!"

Thalion, Founder of

"I think publishing on Prototypr is a better way, it feels more native and gearing towards a curated community who love design. And Prototypr site looks super friendly and nice too!"

Zoe Chew, Product Builder

"I learnt so much from the Prototypr content! We write to share our learnings and give back to the community. It's important for us in the design world to have a safe place to do this for free. Enabling people to have access to educational content is something that is so important in design. Thank you Prototypr for building this great publisher and open platform. 💛"

Lisa, maker & ex-Flawless founder, Head of SDK Marketing at Abstract

Reach a growing readership

These are the numbers for our independent platform: 

  • 18k
    Prototypr Weekly subscribers
  • 4.8k
    Prototypr members
  • 50k
    Monthly pageviews

Made by a small, independent team of creators

Feel free to drop us any feedback, or let us know how we can help make a better experience for you. 🤗

A bit about us

Prototypr is a small, indepedent team who are passionate about publishing high quality and openly accessible stories about design and code. The new Prototypr publishing platform has no paywalls, pop-ups, personalised ads, or abuse of data – we aim to create a great experience for readers and contributors.

*The team also extends to over 3,000 writers, designers, makers and developers who have published with us over the last 5 years. Unfortunately, there isn't space to list everybody here!

Keeping the platform free for readers

In May 2020, we launched Prototypr 3, finishing #3 on Product Hunt 😻. A month later, we started a new Open Stories section to do our bit in keeping the web open by publishing free articles (outside of our paywalled Medium publication).

The stories section was a great success, quickly becoming the most popular part of our site and rivalling our Medium publication. The new publisher builds on this by giving contributers an easier way to submit articles.

What's next

We decided to discontinue our Medium partnership in favour of creating an open platform. It means turning down Medium partner earnings, but it was a necessary move in order to be true to our purpose.

Inspired by the Sidebar webring, going forward we plan to find ways to promote independent writing and boost articles written on personal blogs.

  • "Both reading articles and writing articles on Prototypr is a delight. The articles look great and the writing experience is really smooth. I'll be publishing more on Prototypr and I hope others do too!"

    Kilian Valkhof, Founder of Polypane

Publishing Process

We have a review process to maintain a quality standard of content published, and reduce spam submissions.

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We think the web is better without paywalls, popups, or abuse of data. Help us keep things running with a coffee , or by sponsoring a newsletter issue.

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If you want to support us, we accept donations to cover running costs. Contributions are also redistributed to writers (find out more), plus you'll get a spot on our supporters page.

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